Patient Forms


Patient Forms

You can click on the links below to open and download or print the form appropriate to your request. The forms can be returned to FusionSleep in person, via the fax number listed on the selected form or via mail to:

4245 Johns Creek Pkwy, Suite A
Suwanee, GA  30024

If mailing, please mark the envelope with attention to the type of form enclosed to help us route the form to the appropriate department quickly.

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Your Sleep Evaluation Appointment

At your appointment, you will have a consultation with one of our sleep medicine physicians. The consultation is focused on giving you a complete evaluation of your medical and sleep history and understanding of potential sleep related medical issues. Your physician will explain to you in detail if you may be at risk, and what solutions exist. During the visit, your doctor will also discuss whether further testing is required.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time, and if possible, complete and return necessary medical forms ahead of time. Also, please be sure to bring your identification and insurance card. We will do everything possible to make your visit as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Your Sleep Testing

FusionSleep offers a state of the art sleep center for sleep testing. The most common sleep test is called a Polysomnogram (PSG). A PSG is performed during an overnight stay at our facility, but can also be conducted during the day for shift workers.

Our facility is designed to make your stay comfortable and relaxing in a hotel-like environment, and our sleep medicine program is nationally accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). At FusionSleep, we not only meet these standards, we surpass all national expectations and serve as a model for the future of sleep medicine programs.

Selecting Your Treatment Options

The next step is to review your test results. Typically this would be done during a follow-up visit with one of the specially trained sleep medicine clinicians. All test results are carefully reviewed by our professional staff, and interpreted by board-certified sleep medicine physicians. Based on your results and the recommendation of your clinician, you will decide what therapy option you wish to pursue.

Healthcare Insurance Plan Benefits

We participate in and accept all major and most smaller health care insurance plans. Please call our Patient Advocate team at 678.990.3962 with additional questions. Patients are responsible for knowing their benefits, making sure their insurance covers FusionSleep fees and making necessary payments.


Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Instructional Videos

Step 1: Unpack your HSAT Device

Kit Contents

  • T3 home sleep apnea testing device - HSAT (qty: 1)
  • Abdomen cable (qty: 1)
  • Wrist oximeter (with Velcro strap) and finger probe (qty: 1)
  • Belts - thoracic and abdominal (qty: 2)
  • Nasal cannula (qty: 1)
  • Instruction booklet (qty: 1)
  • Tape or adhesive bandages - if applicable

Step 2: Attaching the HSAT Device

Attach the alligator clips from the T3 HSAT device close to the collar of your shirt. The T3 HSAT device should be over your chest and facing outward.

Step 3: Attaching the HSAT Belts

If it is not already connected, snap the abdomen cable to the back of the T3 HSAT device (the 2 vertical snaps in the middle). Wrap the thoracic belt around your chest and snap each end of the belt to the 2 remaining snap locations on the back of the T3 HSAT device (left & right of the abdomen cable). The thoracic belt should be positioned 1 inch below your armpits.

Step 4: Attaching the Abdominal Belt

Wrap the abdominal belt around your waist. Connect the abdominal belt to the corresponding snaps on the abdomen cable that is hanging from your T3 HSAT device. The snaps should be on the inside (against your stomach) with the flat side facing outward. The abdominal belt should be positioned over your belly button. If the cable is too long, it can be shortened by winding the abdomen cable a few times around itself.

Step 5: Attaching the Nasal Cannula

Gently, place the prongs of the nasal cannula into your nostrils. The cannula tubing should be pulled over your ears and positioned under the chin. To tighten the tubing, slide the fastener up and securely under your chin. The other end of the nasal cannula should be connected to the pressure input on the side of the T3 HSAT device. Take 2 pieces of tape (or adhesive bandages) and place them on both cheeks (over the tubing) to assist in holding the cannula in place for the duration of the test.

Step 6: Attaching the Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter should be strapped to your non-dominant hand - like a wrist watch. Nail polish or artificial nails should be removed prior to attaching the finger probe. The finger probe should be placed on the index finger or ring finger. The finger should reach the end of the probe. To secure the cable, wrap tape or an adhesive bandage over the probe cable so that it is attached to the base of your finger.

Step 7: Overview of the Setup

All of the sensors should now be attached. Check to ensure that all of the steps above have been completed properly.

Step 8: Starting the Recording

To start recording, press once on the middle button of the T3 HSAT device front panel. This will activate the screen. You will see the instruction “Hold middle button down to start recording.” Press and hold the middle button until the progress bar is finished and you see the time counter begin. Once the time counter has started, the test is successfully recording. The display will turn off after 40 seconds. However, the T3 HSAT device will continue to record.

Step 9: Stopping the Recording

To stop the recording after waking up, press once on the middle button of the T3 HSAT device. This will activate the screen. Then, hold down the middle button until the progress bar appears and stops the counter. This indicates that the recording has been stopped.

Step 10: Returning the Device

Please do not discard any of the equipment or items that were received in the carrying case. Place all of the items back into the carrying case and return the entire home sleep testing device back to FusionSleep. The device must be returned in the same manner it was received (i.e. shipping or in-office) the following day.

PAP Therapy Resupply

PAP Therapy Resupply

We deliver supplies to your door after you have placed an order online, via automated call or a live customer service representative. It's your choice!

Most insurance plans cover and recommend regular renewal of your PAP supplies and equipment. It’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to replace your supplies at regular intervals to ensure optimal function of your PAP device and to prevent infection.


Typical resupply schedule:

  • Mask - 3 months
  • Cushions - 1 month
  • Headgear - 6 months
  • Chin Strap - 6 months
  • Tubing - 3 months
  • Disposable Filters - 1 month
  • Reusable Filters - 6 months
  • Water Chamber - 6 months


You may contact us via:

Online resupply website:

Automated resupply line (Faith) -  877.559.1620

Live Call Center - 888.333.1456